About Us

Sumera, the founder of Delish Vegan Donuts, has many concerns, including vegan cooking and baking. Delish was born out of her need to experiment and create until she was faced with the perfect Donut. After sharing it with his family and friends, and with their full support, he decided to sell them on an online platform and go door-to-door delivering each order personally. Their product, values, and business philosophy proved to be a success, creating overwhelming demand and a great community around Delish. That is why Sumera decided to expand the concept and open a store.


Only two years have passed since the opening of Delish Vegan Donuts, and even so it has grown by leaps and bounds, becoming the best known Donut shop in Spain.

Our Donuts are 100% natural, handmade and vegan, without additives or preservatives, and made daily. For us, each day begins at dawn with the preparation of the dough and the preparation of the donuts, but when we open the store in the morning the best begins: Sharing our passion with you!